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I certify that I am requesting the cancellation of my Alarm Permit with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. By signing and submitting this form, I acknowledge and understand the following:

Palm Beach County Burglar Alarm Ordinance # 2008-038 requires all businesses and residences with burglar alarm systems to have a valid alarm permit. If the alarm system is incapable of sending a signal because of no power to alarm, the permit may be cancelled, but only under these conditions. Should your alarm system go off after the deletion of this permit, you could be subject to a citation in the amount of $260.

Should I want to obtain an Alarm Permit with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office in the future, I will be required to satisfy any outstanding fees or fines prior to obtaining a new permit.

  • Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
  • Attn: Alarm Unit
  • PO Box 24681
  • West Palm Beach, Florida 33416
  • (561) 688-3695